Julia, what is one survival tip you've learned about being a mom?
"As far as being a mom, I've got one of the best examples in my own mom. She's laid-back, wise, patient, and prayerful. I'm finding that the goal of parenting, and life, is not comfort. Moving towards others, and teaching our kids to know and love others more than themselves is oftentimes realized outside of our comfort zones." - Julia


Made by Hand

It's important to us that our clothes are ethically made. We want to create a beautiful product, but one that is made with care too. Meet Julia. She is the gem (read: incredibly kind, saint of a lady) who is making your clothes. She's a mom to two littles and lives only a state away in Tennessee. 

Every other summer growing up, Julia's family would vacation with her grandmother on an island in Maine in a house called The Phantom. Starting around the age of 6, Julia's grandmother would take her, her sisters and brother to the variety store on the island where they would get to pick out fabric for that summer's project. They started with pillow cases, and purses, all the way to room decor. As she grew up, Julia didn't sew much except for those summers, until college. Most of her friends were gone and she asked a mentor to borrow her sewing machine. She set out to make a quilt. She loved the process of picking fabric and seeing it all come together. Her  favorite things to make though are clothes for her kids from upcycled fabric. She's even made the Sue Sue playsuit for her  daughter out of an old bed sheet!